How do you combine logical thinking and compassion to build a profitable and purposeful business?

Click anywhere above to listen to Melissa and Erica on Stacey Shipman’s podcast “Engaging Voices.” We had a great discussion about pre-divorce planning and our passion for helping our clients:

“Facts and Feelings. That's what attorneys Erica Ford and Melissa Whish, co-founders of Four Winds Advisors LLC, a pre-divorce planning and education firm, talk about on this episode of Engaging Voices.

Erica and Melissa share insights on marketing a service people don't realize they need, combining logical thinking with compassion in business, the importance of #communication and how "kleenex before clarity" makes for a winning client experience!
Theirs is an emotional business. Yet Erica and Melissa know how use their heart, mind and voice in powerful ways.”

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Thank you, Stacey!