Before people take the step of retaining a divorce attorney, there is often a period of wondering whether divorce is even an option: Should I do this? Can I do this? How can I do this? The attorneys at Four Winds Advisors LLC confidentially address this stage of the process, empowering you with the knowledge and tools to help you make educated choices about your marital future.

You have the ability to make a change in your own life—in whichever direction that may take you.

It is normal to feel unsure about your ability to manage the legal, financial, social and emotional aspects of divorce. Not knowing your options is a heavy burden: it is extremely difficult to make decisions when you simply don’t have the facts you need. The questions and what-ifs can be overwhelming. Four Winds Advisors LLC helps to alleviate the fear of the unknown by identifying possible paths to take, providing you with information about what to expect in the divorce process, and discussing common areas of concern such as:

Child Custody / Child Support / Alimony / Marital Home and Other Property /
Retirement Funds and Savings / Medical Insurance Coverage / Social and Emotional Considerations

Understandably, concern and confusion about these issues can be paralyzing. Attorneys Erica Ford and Melissa Whish will formulate proactive strategies to address your particular situation. If you feel that divorce might be a possibility but wonder if it’s a realistic option, we provide the guidance to help navigate a course of action. 

What We Offer

Four Winds Advisors LLC was founded by attorneys Melissa Whish and Erica Ford to address the needs of those who may not yet be ready to engage in the divorce process, but wish to obtain divorce related information in order to most intelligently weigh their options.

We will provide you with an overview of potential paths, including approaches to initiating the divorce process, methods of conducting divorce negotiations in both litigation and mediation settings, the timeline and stages involved, which issues are included in a divorce agreement and documents that will be examined.

More detailed considerations regarding division of property and accounts, home ownership, alimony, child support, parenting plans, insurance and emotional factors will also be discussed.

We also offer mediation services through our adjunct practice, Mediation Matters.

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